Why your Resolution will fail

By Louis Sayers

It’s that time again - the new year. A time to start afresh, to dream up all that we could and will be. A time to boost ourselves into greatness…

For some it will be amplifying our earnings; for others an amazing relationship; quitting smoking; and of course who could forget that six pack / bikini body!

But for all our good intentions… deep inside we know. We know that we’ve been through this before; that we once had dreams, that other new years have come and been, and that our dreams did not come true.

And so you may secretly wonder - are we destined to follow the same path? Was it never meant to be?? Did the cosmic stardust of which we were created yield a force so evil, that it bore a spell unto us, to torture, demean and play with our soul as a cat does a mouse - giving us the grandeur illusion of the possibility of escape, only to be robbed of our freedom; to become the toy of a cat once more?

The answer it seems, is simple.

While we’ve been so busy looking forward, we’ve forgotten to look back. We’ve forgotten to look back at the trail of destruction that lies at the heels of our feet; to ask how that trail of destruction got there in the first place. We’ve forgotten to look at our upcoming plans, and to ask have we tried this before? and if so, what was the result?

And only the fool makes the same plan twice, expecting something different.

So this year, keep doing what worked, but change what didn’t. Your time is a resource you can not get back, so take the time to stop and think before making your future plans. Your life literally depends on it.